October 3, 2015

Dior Is In Bloom For Spring

 I didn't quite realize it until I had put this post together that the majority of my favorites from day four were very well, serene, pretty, dreamy collections. Brought full circle with Alexander Wang's last collection for Balenciaga's spa influence designs get ready to feel absolutely at peace and very zen looking at these highlights.

The Full Schedule: Loewe, Chalayan, Issey Miyake, Julien David, Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Undercover, Andrew Gn, Lutz Huelle, Balenciaga, Yohji Yamamoto

The Highlights:

Forget the blanket scarf. Issey Miyake has moved on to the blanket coat, the blanket skirt, and the blanket dress. I felt those looks were the strongest in the collection, with the wave like prints and cuts on the latter half being wonderful as well giving a very three dimensional, optical illusion effect to the designs. However, I can't say I was particularly fond of the color blocked looks in the middle, but a small mishap over a very wonderful collection.

The epitome of the French cool girl, Isabel Marant is always the go to for the best separates. Case in point: the folk embellished tops, bottoms and jackets (that duster! swoon), those joggers with a hint of sequin at the cuffs, those rope sandals. It had hints of futuristic golds and silvers that weren't tacky but covetable. Honestly, that white duster won my heart over the minute I saw it. 

Christian Dior had a beautiful ladylike collection full of sweet scallop hems, dainty heels, cropped sweaters, and many many chokers. The puffiness of the cropped sweaters gave the models this blooming flower appearance along with abstract floral graphics lastly the floral embellished coats really drove home that flora theme. The sheer dresses and skirts were exceptional.

Alexander Wang's last collection with Balenciaga took a page out of Givenchy's book and introduced lingerie inspired daywear. Done all in white the collection was serene and ethereal and made for an incredibly final bow for Alex. Those lace slipper shoes will become a must have and the fringe bags were fantastic.  Opinions were mixed on Twitter but if you take a very close look at the designs and see the texture, the details, you'd be hard pressed to find fault with the collection.

Missed the Mark: I'm never a fan of brands that plaster their name all over a look. Whether it is done deliberately or ironically it instantly cheapens something that is luxe (in my head at least). This is why I had to put Loewe on the missed the mark. The t-shirt wasn't horrible, but the dress with strategic "Loewes" and the co-ord with "Loewe" written in a pattern simply killed what otherwise was a collection I genuinely liked.

(Top Photo from: Barneys New York // Issey Miyake Photo from: Aqua Parios // Isabel Marant Photo from: Matthew Reade // Dior Photo from: Dior // Balenciaga Photo from: Suzy Menkes)

October 2, 2015

October Wishlist

Instead of doing my normal wishlist I decided to make October's a Halloween inspired one. Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows that was sadly cancelled far too soon. Charlotte Charles is definitely a fashion inspiration/spirit animal of mine. If you haven't seen the show what are you doing?! Watch it! Without giving away too many spoilers, it's about a piemaker who can wake the dead with one touch but only for a minute, if he doesn't touch the recently ahem, undead, again before the minute is up something or someone will die in their place. He uses his gift to his advantage when he finds that his childhood sweetheart was murdered. He brings her back to life and they fall in love.... but they can not touch or she'll die again. 

Throughout the show Charlotte Charles wears rather retro inspired clothing. This red dress paired with a pair of red pumps matches one of her many adorable looks. Since she's supposed to be dead, when she's out and about she'll occasionally disguise her identity ever so stylishly with a head scarf and oversized sunnies. Working in the pie shop with her lovebug she secretly sends her aunties pies to cheer them up after loosing their niece. Speaking of her lover, since they can not touch skin she wears a very chic pair of gloves so that they can hold hands. She has a fondness for bees - making her own honey. Speaking of honey in one of the episodes a character with a particularly strong sense of smell notes that she smells like honey..... and death. While she tends to go fairly make up free her eyelashes are always long, fluttery and sweet.


Metallic-Trimmed Cat Eye Sunglasses from Forever 21 $8 // Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Gloves from Farfetch $300 // Valentino Heart Print Scarf from Farfetch $430 // Pie Box from Pie Box $35 // Summer School Cool Dress from Mod Cloth $55 // Golden Honey Bee Brooch from Dear Winsome Etsy $16 // Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Pumps from Net A Porter $695 // Marc Jacobs Honey from Sephora $78 // Lengthening 035 from Eylure £6

The Must Have Accessory for SS16: A Motorcycle


A rather whirlwind day at Paris, I had my first real let down of the season but a few new favorites made up for it (I'm looking at you A.F.Vandervost). See what I liked and didn't below:

The Full Schedule:  Talbot Runhof, Chloe, Carven, Manish Arora, Ann Demeulemeester, Paco Rabanne, Balmain, A.F.Vandevorst, Barbara Bui, Rick Owens, Lanvin, Vetements

The Highlights:

A.F. Vandervost
had my favorite collection of the day. It was part rock n roll biker, part futuristic, part exotic and very very cool. There were awesome thigh high boots, fitted blazers, and intricate beading done up in (mostly) all black - my color of choice.

Last season Barbara Bui had one of my favorite collections so I was excited to see what she would be bringing this time. A neutral collection of chocolate browns, crisp whites and dark blacks was mixed with pops of color - bright pink and rich purple. The fringy looks were fantastic definitely showing that fringe is in and I loved the leather tops (they had a bit of Alexander Wang vibe don't you think?). It was breezy, flowy and very summer appropriate.

I loved Carven's sporty and preppy collection. Those skirts were just darling, the collared tops were just perfect and I loved the playfulness of the prints and the graphic tee. It had a 1960s mod sweetness that I really liked.

Missed the Mark:  A sporty collection at Chloe featuring.... red, white and blue, which I give a free pass. Considering the whole collection wasn't predominately those colors, browns, pastels and blacks snuck their way in. Typically I love Chloe, however nothing really grabbed me about this collection. I loved the lacy white looks, tassels were cute additions, and the bags were great. However all and all I didn't feel a spark.

Balmain oh Balmain... never would I have thought I would be putting you on a missed the mark list... There were some definite highlights with Olivier collection - those ruffle trousers that looked like skirts, the gorgeous embellished dresses, the last few numbers were beautiful. But honestly, (and no offense intended entirely as I'm a huge fan of Kendall) this collection looked it was designed for one entity, The Kardashian Family. It seemed apparent to me given how the cuts, fits, and silhouettes felt better suited for a particular lady (ahem, Kim). And the amount of brown and beige gave me Yeezy Season 2 flashbacks. Come on Oli I miss your Fall 2013 looks. Gimme more of that. 


(Top Photo from: Glamour Mag // A.F. Vandervost Photo from: Pam Quinones // Barbara Bui Photo from: Runway Solutions // Carven Photo from: Jorge Luis Gutierrez)

October 1, 2015

Lots of Color, Lots of Pattern, Lots of Detail

Paris is off to a stellar star. It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the shows today to a few highlights! I've done my best in this case!

The Full Schedule:  Courreges, Maison Kitsune, Lemaire, Maison Margiela, Guy Laroche, Yang Li, Cedric Charlier, Dries Van Noten, Sharon Wauchob, Rochas, Aganovich, Alexis Mabeille, Vionnet

The Highlights:

Maison Margiela had a David Bowie meets Stepford Wives meets spacey look to it. From the over the top beehive hairdos to the rather prim and proper looks at the start that had a bit of a twist to them, later transitioning to sleek, fitted suits that David and Mick would have been a fan of, then to a colorful futuristic yet still retro last third.

Dries van Noten is the one designer I always look forward to seeing at PFW. The stunning SS16 collection reaffirms why I always am on the edge of my seat for this one. Gorgeous colors, the most amazing shoes, fantastic details, amazing pattern mixing, It is definitely a sensory overload which definitely deserves a long look at each piece.

A very juicy collection from Alexis Mabille featuring the cutest print of fashion month, watermelon! Bright shades of orange, blue, red and green brighten up the runway, silhouettes were explosive and in your face, but the bags were mini. 

 Such a whimsical collection from Rochas. The dreamy colors, the cute giraffes, and eceentric separates. I loved the gold coat and dress at the end! Gorgeous!

Missed the Mark: Not a thing! Like I said it was very very hard to narrow this down.

(Top Photo from: Shiseido Corporate // Maison Margiela Photo from: Elle Japan // Dries van Noten Photo from: Dries van Noten // Alexi Mabille Photo from: Revista Vanidades // Rochas Photo from: Vogue Inida)

September 30, 2015

We're Nearing The End...

Here we are! The last week of the Big Four, Paris. First day is a bit short, but buckle down we've got a long week ahead of us!

The Full Schedule: Lucien Pellat Finet, Aalto, Nehera, EachXOther, Pascal Millet, Anrealage, Anthony Vaccarello, Jacquemus, Anne Sofie Madsen

The Highlights:

I loved Each x Other's sort of mismatched collection. Not mismatched in the sense of it not working, but the pairing of two unexpected articles of clothing to create this very chic and carefree look. Silk sleep trousers were paired with sexy leather crop tops, militaryesque coats paired with graphic tees and slightly cropped pants. Things that shouldn't work together, but somehow did.

A sexy collection made up of mini skirts, thigh slights, sheer tops and dresses, plunging necklines and tight jeans was the scene at Anthony Vaccarello. With many designers forgoing a overt feminine collection in favor of androgynous or sexless ones it was exciting to see Anthony hold on to his steamy roots.

Missed the Mark: Honestly, there was nothing particularly 'wrong' with Jacquemus's SS16 collection, except I am absolutely tired of red, white and blue collections. I feel like we've seen at least 2 in each fashion week! Please, move on to other color palettes for my sake.

(Top Photo from: Yusuke Kinaka // Each x Other Photo from: Each x Other  // Anthony Vaccarello Photo from: The Blab )

September 29, 2015

And Then There Was One

We're nearing the end of for the Big Four of fashion Month. A nice short day before the start of Paris. Milan, you were a treat, but I sure can't wait to see what Paris has up it sleeves. 

The Full Schedule: Vivetta, Arthur Arbesser, Giorgio Armani, Angelo Marani, Mila Schon, San Andres Milano, Fatima Val

The Highlights:

Giorgio Armani's red, white, and blue collection elaborate with stitching, beading, jewels, and other embellishments but still had a light, airy feel and look to them. The sheer trousers are sure to be a hit, and that last gown is stunning.
Missed the Mark: Nothing worth mentioning! On to Paris!


(Top Photo from: Vogue.co.uk // Giorgio Armani Photo from: Yaf Sparkle)

September 28, 2015

Italia Is Love

Have to say I was a bit disappointed with day five's shows. The only stand out to me was Dolce & Gabbana, the rest were either fine but nothing to go wild over or simply uninteresting to me. Take a look through the day's show and see if you agree or think I'm out of mind. 

The Full Schedule: Alberto Zambelli, Marni, John Richmond, Laura Biagiotti, Andrea Iconotri, Dolce & Gabbana, MSGM, Salvatore Ferregamo, Trussardi, Au Jour le Jour, Missoni, Damir Doma

The Highlights:

A tribute to their own Italia, the Dolce and Gabbana collection as always a visual treat. While a few pieces felt a bit gimmicky they were quickly made up for with the gorgeous floral frocks and sexy, yet ladylike, sheer and lace pieces. And of course you can never miss the finale, made up of map printed dresses the models took plenty of selfies with the crowd as they stomped their way down the runway.

Missed the Mark: Usually such a fan of Marni however this season's massive oversized, color block pieces just did absolutely nothing for me.


(Top Photo from: Veronica Barrile // Dolce & Gabanna Photo from: Pret-A-Reporter )