March 28, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer For Target Look Book

My bestie is slowly converting me into a Lilly Pulitzer lover. If you haven't already take a peak at the look book, I already have my eyes on a couple things. Specifically that one piece swimsuit and that flask! So cute. Can you tell I'm a big fan of the palm print "Boom Boom" pattern? Will you be picking up anything from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection? What are you favorites? 

L'Oreal Colour Rich Designer Extraordinare Lipstick in Rose Melody $9 // Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit in Boom Boom $40 // Ponte Crop Top in Boom Boom $24 // Gold Plated Giraffe Flask With Funnel $15 // Beach Towel in Boom Boom $25 // Gold Sandals in Pineapple $30

March 27, 2015

Inspired By : Neutral Bedrooms

I've had my room painted teal for the better part of 8-9 years. Originally chosen when I was around 16-17 I initially liked it because it was bright and youthful and really popped in comparison to the rooms in the rest of my house. As I've gotten older I've felt that the bright teal no longer matches my aesthetic. Lately I've been really interested in neutral tones to give my room a cleaner more 'adult' look. So naturally, I've been hunting around for inspiration. 

I really love a creamy, neutral beige or perhaps a cool grey. It'll take a bit of work to get it that light shade as my walls are so dark but gazing longingly at these images have given me heart eyes and made me determined to make it happen. xx

All photos from Gravity

March 26, 2015

Favorites from Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 2015

Tokyo was absolutely fantastic this season, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to a few favorites! Tons of creative and beautiful designs I can't wait to share with you, so without further ado: Tokyo Fashion Week....

Tae Ashida had a wonderfully diverse collection from casual looks to evening gowns. I loved this hooded look for everyday, these ultra wide leg pants (you'll see more of in a later favorite), these insect embellished pieces are great, and she killed with this final look.

A lot of pastel was on display at Hanae Mori, while that's not really my color pallete of choice I couldn't help admiring the amazing laser cuts and lace work! First look knocked it out of the park also look at the detail on the legs of those pants! Like the big four, colorful, fun fur was abundant, and this cropped sweater with lace culottes is perf.

Lots of black at Christian Dada so it's easy to see why the Asian inspired print that made it's way in at about the 2/3 mark was a pleasant surprise. From jackets, to coats, head to toe, and boots (see above). I also loved this cheeky bomber jacket. The whole collection is on point.

A Degree Fahrenheit fell into neutral territory, but that doesn't mean boring. Oversized sweater dresses were a reoccurring theme, but where it really shined was in it's outerwear. Check out this moto inspired coat, this linen one, and it's gorgeous tailored final look.

byU was pure saccharine sweet. Frills, fur, flowers, bows, it was girly but had a bit of a tomboy-ish edge. Look at this, this, and this for examples. It gave me some me some serious childhood nostalgia thinking back to the Secret Garden movie. With floral belts, and detailing how could I not?

The collection I wanted in my closet immediately was beautiful people. I told you there would be lots of wide leg pants coming up, and this collection had plenty! This teddy bear coat looks so cozy, I love this pale moto jacket, plus look how cool these shoes are.

Finally, Keita Maruyama had a stunning collection from start to finish. Check out these daring sheer pants, this fantastic velvet jacket, and the two final looks are to die for.  

If you haven't already, wait till you see India, it'll give you heart eyes.

(Top Photo from: Zimbio // Tae Ashida Runway from: Tae Ashida's Twitter // Hanae Mori Runway from Style Wylde // Christian Dada Runway from AvaxNews // A Degree Fahrenheit Runway from The Imprint // All other photos from MBFW)

March 25, 2015

Mid-Week Link Round Up

So so sorry for a lack of Sunday Round up goodies, I had the absolute worse luck with my phone this past weekend (first I left it at a Barnes & Noble, then I dropped in water... ugh). Needless to say I completely forgot to schedule something. Side note - aren't you so excited that it's finally spring! Here's a little mid-week distraction:

 Susanna Lui has a great post that will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of couture.

Ugh, still struggling in the healthy skin department, here's some more tips on how to get and maintain healthy skin. Here's to hoping it's just the winter weather that reeked havoc.

Sad times, Marc by Marc Jacobs is to be discontinued

I just stumbled upon Ashley Brook Designs and I seriously want every single mug! So cute.

It's the first Baltimore Cocktail Week! So if you're in the Baltimore area try and check out some of the events.

Yesterday I showcased some of my favorites from Istanbul Fashion Week - here's a great little article from Allure for why you shouldn't be ignoring it.


(Photo from: Spongeville)

March 24, 2015

Favorites from Istanbul Fashion Week A/W 2015

If you thought fashion week was over and done with you are completely mistaken. There are many, many fashion weeks following the ones everyone watches. I like to call all the weeks after the Big Four the forgotten weeks. Much smaller and with much less fanfare than NYC, London, Milan and Paris but not definitely not lacking swoon worthy fashion. Part of me loves these shows even more than the big names! First up, Istanbul - here are my favorites:

You have to be unafraid to bare at Salih Balta. Deep, deep plunges were a plenty - this dress looked sweet and sexy. But my favorite had to be this turtleneck and mini skirt combo. Still a massive fan of the mini skirt.

Dark, dramatic, and rocking that wet grungy hair we also saw at Alexander Wang,  Raisa & Vanessa had a wonderfully fairy tale like collection. Cutouts, intricate beading, fantastic details. Where they really shined were the gowns. Take a look at this navy one, this green velvet one, and this lacy one.
Also don't forget to look at those feathered boots!

I adored the deep wine colored pieces at Ozgur Masur. Not to mention the embellishments were a dream! This coat is absolutely amazing, I love the pairing of these thigh high boots with a mini dress, lastly this floor sweeping skirt with bow is perfection.

Rashid by Rasit Bagzibagli had a kind of stripped down Dolce & Gabbana look. Like what those ultra decadent, jeweled covered pieces would look like without them. Gorgeous and feminine silhouettes that ooze sex appeal without showing a ton of skin. I'm obsessed with this fitted skirt (again wine!) and crisp white blouse combo, this fantastic fringe mini, this matador inspired piece (look at the jeweled trousers), and lastly this perfect red dress.   

My favorite collection of Istanbul Fashion Week was without a doubt Ece Gozen. I loved the space inspired meets sporty looks. It had an undeniable Alexander Wang vibe, which I loved. This cropped top and skinny pants look is what I'm aiming for this year, this dress & this one too are great, and give me one of these jackets please!

Meltem Ozbek had a wearable Balmain collection. Similar to Balmain's last season collection but much more suitable for daily wear. Lots of leather, ultra sexy. This whole outfit is amazing, the coolest coat, and these furry turtlenecks look fantastic paired with a leather skirt. Those moto jackets are giving Saint Laurent's a run for their money in my heart. 

A truly stunning collection, Zeynep Erdogan really doesn't need many words to convince you. Velvet, fringe, red all the makings of a gorgeous coat. Silky, wallpaper patterned two pieces. And lots and lots of lace. Drool.

Coming up next, Tokyo! xx

March 23, 2015

Feeling Rosy

My newest beauty obsession is with roses. I have to say this more than likely came about from my forever favorite shower gel, Rose Jam and has sort of snowballed from there. Like most things found in nature roses have loads of beauty benefits. There are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is moisturizing and are great for toning, lastly it has plenty of antioxidants. Here are the rosy products that have made it into my beauty routine.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - I definitely use this the wrong way but let's be honest is there ever really that wrong a way to use something? Technically you're supposed to apply this and wash it off however I use it as a lotion - very sparingly. Like most things at Lush it smells fantastic and leaves the skin feeling like a dream.

Rose Jam Shower Gel - What started it all for me, this shower gel is my favorite Lush product and my forever repurchase shower gel. It smells so sweet and heavenly, leaves your skin amazingly soft and your bathroom will smell like a rose garden for hours.

Jason & The Argan Oil - I am rather indifferent when it comes to shampoos, I tend to mix things up quite frequently. I had been interested in a solid shampoo bar for a while but I wasn't sold until I found out that Lush made one that shares the same scent as Rose Jam shampoo. A bit odd to use at first it lathers up amazingly well and leaves your hair incredibly soft and fragrant.

Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil with Rosehip - This little wonder is fantastic. I love to use it as part of my nighttime ritual. Soaks right in quickly and leaves my skin feeling plump and ready for bed.

Vaseline Rosy Lips Treatment - So a little disclaimer, the US version of this doesn't contain any rose oil (boo hiss!) also it's not in this cute little vintage tin. However, if in the UK definitely stop at your nearby Boots and scoop up this little wonder. I've used both the US and UK versions and the addition of the rose oil makes a load of difference. Plus the light pink color and rose scent is divine.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - Yes, yes I would buy anything that shares the rose jam scent. A nice little treat for a bath the bubbleroons are so much fun. Inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons it is made with rose oil and rose absolute leaving dry skin completely hydrated after a nice soak in the tub. I cut this up into pieces to make it last as long as possible as you don't need too much to get lots of bubbles!

March 21, 2015

Hair With Oomph

I recently cut my hair from near waist length to an above the shoulder lob. Needless to say it has been a huge change as I've never had short hair! I nearly backed out but I thought back to a conversation I had with my ex's cousin. She had her shoulder length hair cut into a pixie for Vogue (Which you can read/see here! She is a contributor for Vogue so check out her other articles!) - she told me about how after cutting all her hair off she felt empowered. After much back and forth I just closed my eyes and went for it. I can honestly say I felt the same way.

However, now my struggle has been trying to figure out how to style my new hair. I've spent years twisting my hair in a bun to get waves and that is simply impossible with short hair. I'm not a big fan of sleek and straight but I need a little help to get it that messy look you see all over Pinterest. Here's two products that have made my life easier:

Rusk Paste - I use this on freshly washed hair to give it a piece-y look full of texture. It mimics the look of beach hair, which I'm very into but can't figure out sea salt spray for the life of me. I will say be very very careful with this stuff, use the tiniest bit as a little goes a long way. Too much and it'll make your hair feel like you just put real paste in it.

Rusk Texture - A dry finishing spray that adds extra volume and fullness. I use it on day oldish hair to add a bit of grit to it if it starts to become a bit greasy (which with my shorter hair tends to happen more than in the past). It's ultra lightweight which is great for a tousled, slept in, messy sort of look.

Those are my two tricks! Any tips you have on the bed head look for lobs?