November 23, 2014

Sunday Link Round Up

Anyone else excited for Thanksgiving? It's one of my favorite holidays so I can not wait to indulge in some delicious food and treats!

I really enjoyed this read on 12 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People. I tend to do most of my 'blog work' during the weekend as I have a 'real job' the rest of the week. This has made me want to reorganize and prioritize my weekends!

My hair is getting very, very long and I'm incredibly tempted to hack it all off. I really like this cut on LC, this one, and lastly this one. I may be a bit overdue for a trim.

If anything has made a solid case for why I should go to LA next year it's this post made by Joy Cho about Compartes Chocolate. Drool.

I used to be extremely self concious of my beauty mark - now I barely even remember it's there. But I love this little History of Beauty Marks!

If you're Turkey Day plans aren't set in stone yet, here are 10 Thanksgiving Day Plans.

Oh golly, these are my absolute dream shoes! I wish the price tag didn't pain me so much.

(Photograph by Lillian Bassman, Harper's Bazaar, 1951)

November 19, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Trench

I'm incredibly excited over my new trench coat! Recently I discovered PoshMark and have been crazy over it ever since. I bought this gorgeous essentially new C. Wonder trench coat (seller only wore it 2-3 times) for 75% the retail price! Can't beat that! It's getting a little chiller here on the East Coast so this coat came just in time.

I paired it with my signature look, stripes, this stripe dress has a of the shoulders boat neck that isn't exactly fall appropriate however paired with a light cardigan it works! Tights and booties are now a must, this pair is a (very) old favorite of mine bought surprisingly at a Wal-Mart years back. And I got this ultra plush rabbit hair beret a couple Christmas's ago.

Lastly, how adorable is the interior of this trench!? A dream come true! I can't wait to see what other gems I can nab off of PoshMark. Have you ever tried the shopping app? x

Trench Coat : C. Wonder // Dress: Garage // Cardigan: Target // Tights: Primark // Booties: Wal-Mart Beret: Gifted

November 18, 2014

Lush Christmas Goodies

I know I know I said I wasn't going to bring up any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, but I had to share this with you. Lush is one of my favorite indulges. I adore their bath bombs and Fairly Trade Honey Shampoo is probably one of the best shampoos ever (second to Cynthia Sylvia Stout). Also while in London I bought their British Nanny moisturizer which is my beauty staple and have no idea what I'm going to do when I run out.

I first experienced Rose Jam last year and immediately fell in love, but by the time I got my mitts on it they didn't have any big bottles left so I've been pathetically trying to make that small bottle last the whole year. Thank goodness their Christmas goodies have finally come out and I immediately scooped up the largest size! It smells literally like heaven in a bottle, floral yet sweet and tart. I can't get enough of it! I may have to grab a few more!

I also bought the little lip balm tin Santa Baby. Smells like cherry coke and goes on the most brightest red. I recommend using a lip brush with this one as it can stain your fingers for a bit unless you don't mind going at it with a bit of soap and water. Wonderful color and long lasting! 

Anything you can't live without from Lush?

November 16, 2014

Sunday Link Round Up

My other favorite holiday is coming up next week, Thanksgiving! Are you excited for food, parades, and family? Because I sure am! 

I've been back and forth on the tattoo front. Part of me wants one and then part of me doesn't. My brother keeps telling me tattoos are mainstream and everyone has them so it's cooler to not have them. Not sure how much I buy that argument but I do like this round up of small tattoos on Company.

However one argument that is winning is whether or not I should go back to London - after seeing this about a new museum opening full of a variety of curiosities I'm dying to take a peak.

Oh wow, I love this DIY for Lace Up Ballet Flats over at A Pair and A Spare. Gotta do this!

Well Megan over at Tumbelina Lillie has definitely made the most persuasive case for me to buy something from Charlotte Tillbury. This mascara in particular I have my sights set on.

My "second mom" (aka my former boss) used to have these amazing pretzel rolls that were so good you couldn't eat just one. Well the bakery that used to make them closed and I have been dreaming of them lately. This recipe for pretzel parker house rolls on Smitten Kitchen sounds like a good contender. 

As someone who works primarily a desk job these six stretches from A Cup Of Jo are good to know!

November 14, 2014

Splurge // Save : High Waisted Jeans

Today I'm going to make a case on going with a splurge. I was never a high waisted jean girl. I just couldn't imagine them looking good on a tiny lady like me. However, one day I was feeling rather adventurous at my local Target and tried on a pair of their high waisted jeans and it was love of at first sight. I became obsessed with them. I swore I'd never part with them - until I tried on a pair of "real" high waisted jeans.

While in London I stopped in the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street. Eying the jeans longingly I was in awe but felt nothing could compare to my Target high waisted jeans. And the price, forget about it, I've never paid that much for jeans in my life! After talking to one of the sales girls she took one look at the jeans I was wearing and went, "Darling! Those aren't high waisted! You gotta try on a pair of Joni Jeans, they'll change your life!"

Dubious, but curious I took her advice and tried on a pair. Needless to say she was spot on. These are truly HIGH WAISTED. Not to mention they fit like a glove and I've gotten more complements on them than anything I own. Since buying them I haven't be able to go back to my old Target pair. I see that they are now mid-rise in comparison, they tend to get a little 'saggy' as I wear them, and just aren't as dead sexy like the Joni's. Trust me, if you're looking for a life changing pair of jeans, splurge on a pair of Joni's, you won't regret it. x

SPLURGE: MOTO Blue Black Wash Joni Jeans from Topshop $65-$80
SAVE: High Waisted Skinny Jeans from Target $30 

November 13, 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M

I don't think I've ever experienced a collection more hotly coveted than Alexander Wang x H&M! My brother & I struggled for nearly a hour to get through to the website since it kept crashing then came the difficult part - deciding what to get. But we had to work quickly, as it was selling out faster than we could add it to our carts!

There were many things I really liked from the collection: this scuba look top, this fitted dress, and this bustier. However, in an attempt to downsize my closet to things I'll actually wear I thought the likelihood of me wearing any of these are slim to none, so I decided to play it safe (boring?) and get the tank. Designed to be quick drying and breathable with faint text reading "This Is An Alexander Wang Tank" it's something that can be dressed up or dressed down

While part of me wishes I was more adventurous, but I know I'll be able to wear this time and time again. Given that now it's being sold on eBay for upwards $80 I'm glad I was able to work through the online madness and scoop it up for $30 (with a 20% off coupon). And the fabric and cut are awesome, exactly what you would expect from Alexander Wang without the price tag. Kudos! Anyone else manage to grab something from Alexander Wang x H&M?!

November 12, 2014

Something New

I've definitely ventured into highlighters before (hellooooo Topsop Glow in Gleam) but they've always been cream or liquid. I tend to stay away from most powdered items unless I'm very familiar with the brand as I tend to have some dry patches that powder just doesn't agree with. However, after seeing many a bloggers sing praises to Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated in Aura I decided to give it a try.

First, I really love the packaging, a nice sized box that contains a mirror and brush to swipe on just the right amount of product. It can be used for face and body but I'm not sure about using it on anywhere but my face at the moment....

Right out of the box it looks like a whole lotta glitter, but once swiped on it actual not as much sparkle as you'd expect. It goes on smooth and really gives your face as they say lit from within glow. I love that it has a slight pinkish tone and looks similar to Topshop's but in powder form.
Will you be giving Urban Decay's newest edition a go? x